Frontline is a defence supplier that manufactures and trades military and commercial specification marine valves and associated components, helicopter landing systems and hanger doors on board ship, LAV vehicle marine drive systems for the US and Australian markets and repair and overhaul operations for valves.


• Valves
• Hangar doors
• Decoy winches
• Helicopter Landing Systems
General Dynamics: USMC Gen II LAV program

Marine Drive systems for ASLAV vehicles
Marine Valves
(Ship building programs)

ANZAC Class (Meko 200):
• 10 Ships, Australia and
  New Zealand
• 10 year Through Life Support
  Contract with RAN

New Generation Patrol Vessels
(MEKO A100)
• 4 Ships – Royal Malaysian

Protector Class
• 6 Ships, New Zealand

Helicopter Landing Systems – ASIST/RAST

• ANZAC frigates
• Air warfare destroyers
Air Warfare Destroyer

• Valves and Actuators
• ASIST – helicopter
  landing systems
• Oil and Fuel filter/separators

Defence Customers